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Astonishing Artifacts

As I delve deeper into The Story, I am constantly reminded of the wonder and magic that permeates this world.  From the Inkforged artifacts created by the Ikons of the past, to the mystical items crafted by the natives using their inherent magic, the variety of magical items to be found here is truly staggering.

As an adventurer in this world, I am always on the lookout for these powerful tools to aid me on my quests.  I have heard tales of magical weapons that can slice through even the toughest armor, and of enchanted trinkets that grant their wielder powerful abilities.

But with the power of these items comes responsibility.  For in The Story, there are those who would use them for their own evil purposes, and I must be ever vigilant in order to protect myself and those around me.  Still, I cannot help but feel a thrill of excitement every time I discover a new magical item, and I am eager to uncover the secrets they hold. Who knows what powerful abilities and mysterious properties lie within each one?


Entry 145 - Ysabel's Flame Kissed Wand

The wand allowed me to cast a stronger version of the Flame spell, and I could feel the heat and power of the flame radiating down from the wand through my arm. I was also able to control the flame more easily, making it a formidable tool for any spellcaster.

Entry 15 - Cloud Stepping Boots

According to the sage, the boots were crafted by a powerful wizard who was renowned for his mastery of air and water magic. Using his skills, the wizard imbued a pair of ordinary boots with powerful enchantments that allowed the wearer to walk on clouds. The sage warned me, however, that the Cloud Stepping Boots are not to be taken lightly.

Entry 17 - Windsong

I have heard tales of a legendary bow known as Windsong, said to be carved from a sacred elm tree deep in the Wandering Wood. It is told that the bow was crafted with the help of sylvan spirits and is imbued with mystical powers that allow arrows fired from it to fly twice as far as other bows.

Entry 177 - Archer's Bane

Only a select few warriors and adventurers are said to have possessed the shield, and its secrets are closely guarded by those who have mastered its use. The idea of being able to stand strong against even the most potent of ranged attacks is incredibly appealing, and I am eager to learn more about its secrets after I found rumors that the item may be cursed.

Entry 19 - The Ring of 12 Laborers

Today I had the opportunity to study the mysterious Ring of 12 Laborers. According to legend, this ring has the ability to summon 12 identical servants once per day, who will perform any labor set before them until the task is done or the sun goes down. The servants are said to be tireless and will not harm anyone or follow orders to fight. If one of them is damaged, it will instantly disappear.

Entry 205 - Eyebiter

​Eyebiter is said to be particularly effective against giant monsters, which are often notoriously difficult to kill. The arrowhead is said to be able to penetrate even the thickest of hides, and once it strikes the head of its target, it is said to release a burst of magical energy that can slay the creature outright.

Entry 22 - Yohan's Silvery Breastplate

The breastplate is said to be highly reflective, which can be useful in a variety of situations. It can be used to signal allies from a distance, blind enemies with its glare, or even serve as a makeshift mirror in a pinch. However, the true power of Yohan's Silvery Breastplate lies in its ability to function as a life vest in water. The magic imbued in the breastplate causes the wearer to float effortlessly in water, providing a valuable survival tool when out at sea.

Entry 303 - Maverick's Cap of Concealment

According to recorded history, Maverik imbued the Cap with powerful magic that allows its wearer to move with the utmost stealth and remain undetected by enemies and potential threats. Due to its powerful abilities, the Cap is said to be quite difficult to come by. Only a select few have been known to possess the Cap, and they guard it fiercely, knowing how valuable such an item would be.

Entry 308 - Aemon's Hand of Judgement

Despite the mystery surrounding the Hand of Judgement, its powers are well documented. Those who wield the hammer are said to be imbued with incredible strength and the ability to call down thunder and lightning to strike their foes. The hammer is also said to be capable of detecting evil and injustice, allowing its wielder to exact swift and righteous justice upon wrongdoers.

Entry 33 - Titan's Grasp

In my pursuit of ancient artifacts and legendary treasures, I have turned my attention to the Titan's Grasp, an elusive pair of gauntlets steeped in myth. After days spent scouring dusty tomes and deciphering cryptic manuscripts, I came across an ancient scroll that spoke of the Titan's Grasp. The document traced its origins to a forgotten era when powerful beings known as titans freely roamed the land, and their essence was harnessed by skilled blacksmiths to create a powerful weapon.

Entry 616 - The Devil's Green Coat

Many people believe that the coat is cursed and that its powers come from the Devil himself. Despite the warnings, I am determined to uncover the truth behind this legend. I put the Devil's Green Coat to the test. I reached into the front right pocket and was shocked to find a fistful of silver and gold coins. The coins were real and could be spent on anything, but the legend states that they can only be used for frivolous, wasteful, or immoral purchases.

Entry 67 - Chakram of the Warrior Princess

Despite its reputation as a weapon of great power, there is little concrete information about the origin of the Chakram or its connection to the Warrior Princess. Some say it was a weapon used by a legendary warrior queen and gifted to her daughter, while others believe it was crafted by a skilled blacksmith using ancient techniques and mystic materials.

Entry 71 - The Golden Blade

The sword is known to be incredibly sharp and durable, and has the ability to cut stone. Its golden glow is said to imbue its wielder with great courage, making them feel invincible in battle. Additionally, the sword is said to have the power to heal wounds and to purify the Corruption, making it a powerful tool against dark magic and Misprints.

Entry 80 - Uvanna's Pelt

According to the stories, Uvanna was capable of transforming from a seal into a human by shedding her pelt. Unfortunately, Uvanna, lost her pelt the last time she became human. However, whoever finds the pelt can wear it like a shawl or mantle and use its powers to transform into a seal by getting it wet with saltwater. I have decided to set out on a journey to find Yvanna's pelt and uncover the truth behind these stories.

Entry 83 - Grimbaldi's Ever Fashionable Hat

I was curious to see the hat in action, so I asked the owner to demonstrate its abilities. To my amazement, the hat transformed from a simple woolen cap into a sleek, black fedora in a matter of seconds. The owner then transformed the fedora into a wide-brimmed sun hat, then into a soft beanie, and finally back into the original woolen cap.

Entry 93 - Many Fold Gloves

When an object is placed between the fingers of the gloves, it disappears from sight and is effectively hidden from view. This makes the gloves an excellent tool for thieves, assassins, and anyone else who needs to conceal their weapons or other items.

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