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Entry 177 - Archer's Bane

Only a select few warriors and adventurers are said to have possessed the shield, and its secrets are closely guarded by those who have mastered its use. The idea of being able to stand strong against even the most potent of ranged attacks is incredibly appealing, and I am eager to learn more about its secrets after I found rumors that the item may be cursed.

Entry 177 - Archer's Bane

Amazing Shield
~ Archer’s Bane is considered an Amazing rank Shield with the associated stats.

Arrow Magnet
~ When the shield bearer uses the Defend action they and anyone with 2m of them gain an additional +3 Defense against ranged attacks.
~ When projectiles are fired at the shield bearer or at targets within 2m of him, these projectiles are redirected toward the shield bearer, with their accompanying attack rolls.

Arrow Resistant
~ The shield is impervious to non-magical projectiles and considered to be Heroic strength level against magical ones.

~ Every time the shield is used there is a 1 in 20 chance that it will fail.
~ When this occurs the shield not only fails to provide the +3 Defense bonus, it provides ZERO defense benefits for that turn.
~ The effect of redirecting projectiles toward the shield still occurs.

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