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Entry 22 - Yohan's Silvery Breastplate

The breastplate is said to be highly reflective, which can be useful in a variety of situations. It can be used to signal allies from a distance, blind enemies with its glare, or even serve as a makeshift mirror in a pinch. However, the true power of Yohan's Silvery Breastplate lies in its ability to function as a life vest in water. The magic imbued in the breastplate causes the wearer to float effortlessly in water, providing a valuable survival tool when out at sea.

Entry 22 - Yohan's Silvery Breastplate

Remarkable Armor
~ The Silvery Breastplate is considered a Remarkable rank Armor with the associated stats.

~ If the wearer of the breastplate ends up in deep water they will float at the top of the water as if they are wearing a life vest.

Silvery Reflection
~ The armor is very bright and reflective. It is very easy to see at a distance, even in rough seas and on cloudy days.

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