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Entry 303 - Maverick's Cap of Concealment

According to recorded history, Maverik imbued the Cap with powerful magic that allows its wearer to move with the utmost stealth and remain undetected by enemies and potential threats. Due to its powerful abilities, the Cap is said to be quite difficult to come by. Only a select few have been known to possess the Cap, and they guard it fiercely, knowing how valuable such an item would be.

Entry 303 - Maverick's Cap of Concealment

Leather Helm
~ The Cap provides the same protection as a leather helmet.

Concealing Shadows
~ When worn in low light conditions shadows seem to deepen around the wearer of the cap and when standing in the shadows the wearer’s form becomes virtually invisible. This grants a +2 bonus to the wearer’s Sneaky skill.
~ When moving from shadow to shadow they seem to stretch and snap between each hiding place, a very disorienting effect to watch. Observers must make a Remarkable Awareness check or lose track of which shadow the Cap wearer is currently in.

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