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Entry 67 - Chakram of the Warrior Princess

Despite its reputation as a weapon of great power, there is little concrete information about the origin of the Chakram or its connection to the Warrior Princess. Some say it was a weapon used by a legendary warrior queen and gifted to her daughter, while others believe it was crafted by a skilled blacksmith using ancient techniques and mystic materials.

Entry 67 - Chakram of the Warrior Princess

Keen Edge
~ The Chakra is very sharp and made of a strong unknown metal. +1 Damage

Loyal Return
~ After striking a target the Chakra will ricochet and return back to the thrower’s hand. The thrower must make an Uncommon Agility check to catch the Chakra.

Chaotic Flight
~ When thrown the wielder can decide to ricochet the Chakra off other objects to strike the target. This is a chaotic event however, not under the control of the thrower.
~ Roll d4 - the result is the number of ricochets. Each ricochet adds +1 to the Attack roll.
~ This also makes it more difficult to catch the Chakra when it returns. Each ricochet increases the challenge of catching the Chakra by 1 rank.

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