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Entry 71 - The Golden Blade

The sword is known to be incredibly sharp and durable, and has the ability to cut stone. Its golden glow is said to imbue its wielder with great courage, making them feel invincible in battle. Additionally, the sword is said to have the power to heal wounds and to purify the Corruption, making it a powerful tool against dark magic and Misprints.

Entry 71 - The Golden Blade

~ The Golden Blade is an inkforged broadsword, with all the powers of an inkforged weapon.

~ Stone cover is ignored by the Golden Blade, as would any armor made of stone. If fighting a creature composed of animated rock, attacks will ignore the creature’s damage reduction virtue.

Healing Radiance
~ All allies that bask within the golden glow of the sword (within 10m) heal 1 Health per round
~ Allies within the glow feel a warm contentment and gain a +2 to all Fear checks

Only the Worthy
~ The Golden Blade can only be wielded by a user with an Amazing or better Brawn and Amazing or better

Charm trait.
~ The healing glow will not heal anyone who has lied within the last 24 hours.

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