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Entry 80 - Uvanna's Pelt

According to the stories, Uvanna was capable of transforming from a seal into a human by shedding her pelt. Unfortunately, Uvanna, lost her pelt the last time she became human. However, whoever finds the pelt can wear it like a shawl or mantle and use its powers to transform into a seal by getting it wet with saltwater. I have decided to set out on a journey to find Yvanna's pelt and uncover the truth behind these stories.

Entry 80 - Uvanna's Pelt

Selkie Form
~ Getting the pelt wet with sea or saltwater will cause the wearer to shapeshift into a selkie, which is a larger than average seal with human-like eyes.

Human Form
~ The only way to transform back into a human is to come on land and dry out the pelt.

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