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Move yourself and others through dimensional shift, magical portals, or teleportation using this magic.  When magically transporting, movement from origin to destination takes 1 round, regardless of distance. This counts as an Action, even if you didn’t cast the spell yourself.  You cannot change the duration of a convey spell.  The spell automatically ends when the target have been moved to the target location.

If a target destination is not within your direct sight, you must have the destination marked with your sigil to convey there.   Use the Range modifier numbers below when determining how far a target can be conveyed.  Use the standard numbers for range to target when casting.

Note that appearing inside another solid object causes you to return to your starting location and take 1d12 damage.  This spell costs 3 Spirit to cast.

Basic Casting

You quickly shift up to 10m in any direction.  Shifting allows you to pass over open gaps and through solid objects (provided you can see the destination).

  • Casting Cost = 3 Spirit


Creates a human sized portal in a wall, floor, or ceiling, up to 1 meter thick, that allows anyone to pass through to the other side.  Lasts for 1 minute.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Duration

    • Uncommon Scale

  • Casting Cost = 9 Spirit


You tear open a hole between realities and shift yourself into an entirely different realm or dimension.  You must have a sigil marked within the target realm or be holding an object or creature that originated there in order to successfully make the shift.  If your destination realm overlaps the realm you are departing (such as a mirror world) you will appear in the same corresponding location in the new realm.

  • Mods

    • Legendary Intensity

    • Uncommon Size

  • Casting Cost = 18 Spirit

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