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Entry 100 - The Dunshire Wyrm

As I make my way through the Dunshire Hills, I am struck by the eerie stillness of the countryside. The locals speak in hushed tones about the Dunshire Wyrm, a wingless dragon that periodically ravages the land, burning and devouring everything in its path. They say that it sleeps in a secret underground lair for decades before suddenly awakening without warning. It's said that many villages will be destroyed before the Wyrm tires and returns to its lair to sleep once again. The legends of this creature have piqued my curiosity, and I am eager to learn more.

I've started by speaking with the locals, trying to piece together the various accounts of the Dunshire Wyrm. It seems that everyone has a different version of the story, but there are some common threads. Many believe that the Wyrm is invincible, with scales as hard as steel and breath that can incinerate anything in its path. Others say that it's attracted to certain types of prey, or that it's more active during certain phases of the moon.

I have also been poring over old texts and scrolls, trying to uncover more information about the Dunshire Wyrm. It's a daunting task, as there are so many conflicting stories and myths. Some say that the Wyrm was created by a powerful wizard as a guardian of the land, while others believe that it's a curse, laid down on the people of this land for ancient transgressions.

By luck I came across an ancient manuscript that seems to hold the key to the Wyrm's origins. According to the text, the Dunshire Wyrm was once a mighty winged protector of this land, feared and respected by all who knew of it. But one day, the dragon encountered a powerful enemy, who stripped it of its wings, condemning it to a life on the ground. From that day on, the Dunshire Wyrm became a creature of woe and destruction, wreaking havoc indiscriminately on the land it once protected.

I spent my final day in the hills speaking with a group of sheepherders who claimed to have witnessed the Dunshire Wyrm in action. They describe it as a massive creature, with scales as black as night and eyes that glowed with an otherworldly light. The herdsmen said that it burned everything in its path, leaving nothing but ash and befouled earth in its wake.

I've come to the conclusion that the legends of the Dunshire Wyrm are a cautionary tale. The Wyrm is a reminder that even the mightiest can fall, and that those who do can fall from grace as well as power.

Entry 100 - The Dunshire Wyrm

Challenge Rank - Legendary
Size - Legendary

HEA: 20
DEF: 10
SPI: 15
INI: 2
WIL: 6
PACE: 10m

Flame Spout: a d20 ranged attack that can hit up to 16 targets
~ Deals d12 damage on hit
~ Costs 5 Spirit

Flame Burst
~ Deals d20 damage on hit
~ Costs 7 Spirit

Noxious Breath: The wyrm can bellow out a cloud of searing and noxious fumes and smoke that fills an area up to 50m x 50m.
~ Anyone caught within the fumes must make an Amazing Brawn check or be Remarkably Impaired.
~ Cost 2 Spirit

Claw: A d12 melee attack
~ Deals d12 damage on hit

Bite: A d20 melee attack
~ Deals d20 damage on hit

Tail Whip: a d12 melee attack that can hit up to 4 targets
~ Deals d12 damage on hit

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