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Entry 111 - Night Fetch

Tonight, I had the misfortune of encountering the Night Fetch, one of the most sinister creatures that roam the South Targrim Valley. Its appearance was truly frightening - mottled black and gray fur, glowing red eyes, and long, thin talons tipped with razor-sharp claws. Standing about eight feet tall it was a formidable beast to say the least.

The Night Fetch is known for its stealth and cunning. It moves silently through the shadows, taking its prey by surprise. I experienced this firsthand and was barely able to escape with my life. Its glowing red eyes seem to peer into my very soul, sending shivers down my spine.

But what makes the Night Fetch truly dangerous is its feeding habits. It feeds on the very life force of its victims, leaving behind nothing but a mummified husk. This makes it one of the most dangerous fiends stalking the night. I have heard tales of adventurers who have gone missing after venturing into the forests and swamps of Targrim Valley, and now I understand why.

Entry 111 - Night Fetch

Challenge Rank: Amazing
Size: Remarkable

HEA: 12
DEF: 2
SPI: 10
INI: 4
WIL: 6
PACE: 8m

Claw: A d10 melee attack
~ Deals d10 damage on hit

Clutch: A d10 grapple attack
~ If a Fetch successfully grapples a target they will follow it up with a Bite attack

Bite: A d8 melee attack
~ Deals d8 damage on hit

Life Drain
~ If a Fetch manages to successfully bite its prey it will spend a Small Action to drain the life out of their victim. The target must make an Amazing Brawn check or lose 1d12 Health and be Stunned.
~ This effect also heals the Night Fetch of half of the health the victim lost.

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