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Entry 132 - White Mask Insect

I finally had my first encounter with a White Mask Insect. It was a frightening experience that I will never forget. These creatures are demonic insects and are a truly bizarre and horrifying creature. They resemble nothing more than white porcelain masks with differing expressions, save the asymmetric arrangement of small insectoid legs rimming the mask. They also have a hidden pair of retractable fangs at the top of the “face”, which contains a paralyzing bite that they use to incapacitate their prey.

Once they bite their victim, they attach themselves to the face and possess the body, taking complete control. The body is then used as a vessel for the demon to act through, with no known way to safely remove the Mask Insect. I have heard rumors that the possession is permanent and the victim is lost forever.

I am still in shock after my encounter and I cannot shake the image of these white masks from my mind. I will make it a priority to learn more about these creatures and find a way to combat them. The world needs to know of the danger posed by the White Mask Insects.

Entry 132 - White Mask Insect

Challenge Rank - Trivial
Size - Average

HEA: 3
DEF: 2
SPI: 0
INI: 3
WIL: 1
PACE: 3m

Poison Bite: A d2 melee attack
~ Victims that take any damage from a bite must make an Amazing Brawn check or be Impaired. Level of impairment is 1 rank for each point you missed the check by.

Face Hugging: A Mask Insect that is able to get onto the face of a victim will clamp down with all its legs and bury them into the sides of the victim’s face.
~ Once this occurs the victim is being suffocated by the insect and repeatedly bitten until the victim is defeated.
~ Trying to remove an attached Mask requires a successful Amazing Brawn check. If it succeeds the victim takes 1d4 damage and is no longer suffocating.
~ While on a victim’s face the Mask can continue to bite with a +10 to the roll. Unless the victim is wearing head armor, any Damage Reductions are ignored.

Possession: If a White Mask Insect defeats a victim it permanently attaches itself to the victim’s face and takes total possession of the body. The victim is considered dead and the body is now under the complete control of the Mask.

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