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Entry 167 - Kobalos

Today, I had the opportunity to study the elusive Kobalos creatures. These goblin-like beings are known for their extreme diversity and confusing origins, making them a mystery to most. Their size can range from 1m to 4m tall, and their abilities and strengths can vary greatly, making them difficult to predict.

I encountered several Kobalos and approached them warily due to their fearsome reputation. Their diverse capabilities and mysterious origins make it difficult to predict their actions, and I must exercise caution when encountering them. Lucky for me I was able to find a safe vantage point to watch the small group surreptitiously. Despite their reputation as dangerous predators, very little is known about their society or motivations. The unpredictability of the Kobalos is what makes them such a formidable and potentially deadly foe.

I was only able to observe them for a scant few minutes before they split up and scampered off into the forest. I retreated the opposite direction and found a safe spot to jot down notes. The Kobalos are a fascinating and dangerous creature that deserves further study. I will continue to observe and learn more about them, but for now, I must be vigilant and always be prepared for the worst.

Entry 167 - Kobalos

Challenge Rank - Average to Remarkable
Size - Uncommon to Remarkable

HEA: 5 to 9
DEF: 1 to 3
SPI: 0
INI: 2
WIL: 1
PACE: 3m to 5m

Night Vision: Kobalos have no penalties to Awareness checks due to low light conditions, only magical darkness can impair them

Varied Size: For Kobalos larger than Average size use d6 or d8 when making attacks and rolling damage

Claw: d4 melee attack with its claws
~ Deals d4 damage on hit

Grapple: d4 melee attack attempt to Grapple an enemy

Bite: d4 melee attack on any target the Kobalos has successfully grappled
~ Deals d4 damage on hit.

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