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Entry 201 - Winter Wolf

Today I set out to study the elusive Winter Wolf in its natural habitat. I had heard tales of this fearsome predator and was determined to learn more about its behavior and abilities. As I ventured deeper into the tundra, I began to see signs of the wolf's presence. Tracks dotted the snow, and I could see the imprints of its massive jaws on the bones of its prey. I was both intimidated and excited at the thought of encountering this beast in the wild.

As I approached a dense forest, I heard a low growl that sent shivers down my spine. I slowly unsheathed my sword and prepared for the worst. Suddenly, a massive white blur raced past me, its eyes gleaming with an otherworldly intelligence. It was the Winter Wolf, and it was hunting. I watched in amazement as the wolf moved with lightning-fast speed and agility, chasing after a huge bull moose with deadly precision. Its fur blended seamlessly into the snow, making it almost invisible to the naked eye. I was struck by the wolf's grace and power, and I knew that I was in the presence of a truly magnificent creature.

However, my excitement was short-lived as the beast suddenly turned their attention towards me. I could feel the weight of its piercing blue gaze and knew that I was in grave danger. I slowly backed away, hoping to avoid confrontation, but the wolf was relentless. I was forced to defend myself in a fierce battle that tested my strength and courage to the limit. In the end, I was lucky enough to fight my way to a fallen tree bridging an icy gap. Scrambling across I was able to escape to safety, but not without suffering injuries and exhaustion. Despite the danger, I was grateful for the opportunity to study the Winter Wolf and the lessons I have learned from this experience. I will never forget the awe-inspiring sight of these magnificent beasts and the power they possess.

Entry 201 - Winter Wolf

Challenge Rank - Amazing
Size - Remarkable

HEA: 12
DEF: 7
SPI: 0
INI: 4
WIL: 4
PACE: 10m

Bite: d10 melee attack
~ Deals d10 damage on hit

Pounce: The wolf leaps onto a target. A d10 melee attack.
~ Deals d4 damage on hit
~ If it hits, the target must make an Amazing Brawn check or be Immobilized, pinned under the wolf. The wolf gets a +2 on attack and damage rolls against a Pinned target.

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