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Entry 202 - Razorweed

Today I found a specimen of a treacherous plant known as Razorweed for sale by a local horticulturist. Razorweed is hard to come by as it normally only grows in abundance under the tall red grass of the Sea of Blood. This insidious plant is covered in thorny leaves that are razor-sharp and highly dangerous. It thrives on the blood spilled by creatures that wander through the endless red grass, stumbling into patches of it, using the blood as nourishment to sustain its growth.

I purchased it without hesitation and began to study it intently. My initial observation revealed that the plant's thorns are not only sharp but also mildly poisonous, containing an anticoagulant combined with a numbing compound. This is particularly insidious as it means any creature that gets cut by the razorweed will not feel subsequent wounds and blissfully continue on as their lifeblood pours out. This makes it a serious threat to any adventurer who may find themselves entangled in its clutches. Despite its danger, I was intrigued by its potential for pain relieving concoctions derived from it, and decided to conduct further research.

Entry 202 - Razorweed

Challenge Rank - Trivial
Size - Average

HEA: 1
DEF: 0
SPI: 0
INI: 0
WIL: 0
PACE: 0m

Razor Thorns: Anyone moving through a patch of razorweed must make a Remarkable Agility check or take 1d4 damage.
~ A new check must be made each round you are moving through a patch.

Numbing Poison: If you take any damage from razorweed you must make a Remarkable Brawn check or be affected by the numbing poison in the leaves.
~ If affected you won’t feel the pain of any further damage, and not notice the danger you are in. The Narrator should secretly record additional damage and make Wound checks on your behalf.
~ The numbing effect lasts for 1d10 minutes.

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