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Entry 27 - Headless

Today I had the opportunity to study one of the most fascinating and frightening creatures I have ever encountered: the Headless. I have heard rumors about these beings for years, but I never thought I would see one with my own eyes.

The Headless I encountered was a strange sight indeed. Standing at roughly the height of a human, it was a horrific sight. Its lack of a head was striking, but what was even more remarkable was its agility. It was able to dodge and weave through even the most challenging terrain with ease, despite its gruesome appearance.

I was able to observe the Headless for several hours, taking notes and making sketches. I noticed that it seemed to have a singular purpose, almost as if it was driven by some sort of internal force. It moved with an unending determination, and it was clear that it would stop at nothing to achieve its goal.

​I still don't know what that goal is. Whether it is to seek revenge on those who beheaded it, or simply to kill any living beings it encounters, the Headless is a creature to be reckoned with. I will be sure to continue my studies of this fascinating specimen, and to share my findings with others in the hopes of shedding more light on the sorrowful existence of the Headless.

Entry 27 - Headless

Challenge Rank - Average
Size - Uncommon

HEA: 7
DEF: 1
SPI: 0
INI: 1
WIL: 0
PACE: 3m

Headless: Lacking a head the headless cannot be Impaired in any way that requires eyes, ears, nose, or a head to work. They also can’t wear hats.

Undead: Being undead the headless are immune to Poison, Disease, Drowning, Suffocating, and effects that inflict Pain or Emotional damage.

Bash: A d4 melee attack
~ Deals d4 damage on hit

Ghostly Bite: Some victims of the headless will find that they are not truly without heads. Occasionally a ghostly head will manifest and the headless will bite their victims. This is a d6 melee attack that ignores Armor damage reduction.
~ Deals d4 damage on hit

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