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Entry 3 - Garbage Troll

I heard rumors from local farmers about a creature they called the Garbage Troll, that dwells in a landfill nearby and thrives on the waste of this county’s towns and farms. They claimed that the Garbage Troll was a brutish creature, with lumpy skin and jagged teeth and emitting a nauseating stench of garbage. I carefully entered the edge of the landfill because the locals said the Garbage Troll was highly territorial and fiercely defends its lair, which is located in the depths of the landfill.

After finding the beast and watching it for a few days I learned more about its habits. Despite its brutal appearance, the Garbage Troll only attacks if it feels that it or its home is being threatened, usually hurling garbage at its enemies. However, it is usually content collecting trash and refuse from the edges of society, bringing them back to the landfill to sort and make use of. I found the Garbage Troll to be a surprisingly complex creature, much more than its brutish appearance would suggest. It is a valuable member of its ecosystem, playing an important role in keeping local garbage dumps from overflowing.

In conclusion, the Garbage Troll is a fascinating creature that deserves further study. It is important to understand the role that these creatures play in the larger ecosystem and to appreciate their importance in keeping the waste of society under control. I will continue to observe and learn more about the Garbage Troll, and caution others to respect their territory and not to provoke them.

Entry 3 - Garbage Troll

Challenge Rank - Remarkable
Size - Remarkable

HEA: 11
DEF: 3
SPI: 0
INI: 1
WIL: 2
PACE: 7m

High Strength: Uses d12 for Brawn checks and melee attacks

Trash Armor: Damage Reduction of 3

Club: d8 melee attack using a large chunk of garbage
~ Deals d8 damage on hit

Paw: d8 melee attack with its oversized paw.
~ Deals d6 damage on hit

Throw Garbage: d6 ranged attack throwing large items, usually picked out of their trash piles
~ Range of 40m
~ Deals d8 damage on hit

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