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Entry 48 - Enflamed

Today I encountered the Enflamed for the first time, and I must say, these monsters are unlike anything I have ever seen before. The evil curse that creates them is truly fearsome, reducing its victims to nothing but blackened skeletons wreathed in flames. Yet still they can move under some vile magical agency! And they move for only one reason, to seek out the living to burn the life out of them.

Their speed and power are truly deadly. They attack their enemies with blazing claws and scorching breath, making them a force to be reckoned with. I was fortunate to have avoided direct combat with them, but I was still able to observe their abilities firsthand, mostly over my shoulder while running. They are immune to fire and appear resistant to physical attacks, but thankfully are vulnerable to magic.

After my escape I learned of the existence of the Greater Enflamed, a towering beast composed of multiple skeletons that is capable of immense fiery devastation. This creature is truly a nightmare come to life, and I can only imagine the destruction it can cause. In fact, I prefer not to imagine it and pray they are but a rumor.

Entry 48 - Enflamed

Challenge Rank - Uncommon
Size - Uncommon

HEA: 7
DEF: 1
SPI: 10
INI: 2
WIL: 1
PACE: 7m

Undead: Being undead the enflamed are immune to Poison, Disease, and effects that inflict Pain or Emotional damage.

Fiery Life: The fires of the enflamed are what keep the body “alive”. Anything that manages to snuff out the flames completely will cause the enflamed to be Defeated.

Burning Claws: A d6 melee attack
~ Deals d4 damage and d4 fire damage on hit

Flame Breath: d6 ranged attack on a single target
~ Range of 10m
~ Deals d6 fire damage on hit

Spontaneous Combustion
~ When an enflamed is first created (born?) the unfortunate person will suddenly explode in flames forcing all with 5m of them to make an Agility check or take 1d8 fire damage.

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