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Entry 55 - Treasure Mites

Today I had the unfortunate opportunity to study a strange creature that I have heard about in my travels: the Treasure Mite. These tiny creatures resemble crustaceans and have a voracious appetite for metals, especially non-precious ones.

I encountered the Treasure Mites while looting a hoard that had been infested. They were small and seemed harmless at first, but it soon became clear that they were a serious problem. Their colonies can quickly grow out of control, and they can cause significant damage to metal objects, including weapons and armor.

I was able to observe the Treasure Mites for some time, and I was struck by their speed and efficiency. They worked tirelessly, eating away at the metals in the hoard with their sharp mandibles. Despite their small size, they were able to make quick work of even the sturdiest metals. I also learned that Treasure Mites reproduce quickly and can be easily killed, but their colonies can grow out of control if not properly managed. Adventurers are advised to check their loot carefully for signs of infestation and to take action to eliminate any mites or egg sacs they find.

I will be sure to share my findings with my fellow adventurers in the hopes of helping them avoid problems with these tiny but dangerous creatures. The knowledge I gained today will be invaluable in my future adventures and I look forward to encountering more fascinating creatures in the future.

Entry 55 - Treasure Mites

Challenge Rank - Trivial
Size - Trivial

HEA: 1
DEF: 0
SPI: 0
INI: 0
WIL: 0
PACE: 1m

Infestation: Coming in contact with a pile of infested treasure has a chance of infecting the gear you are weaning. You must make a Remarkable Instinct check to avoid becoming infested as well.
~ It is not always easy to realize loot is infested. Mites often leave eggs on treasure and gear and once in your possession, the proximity of your body heat will trigger the eggs to hatch and begin a new infestation.

Gear Degradation: Metal gear infested with treasure mites will start to show small scratches, rough patches, and pock marks, eventually displaying little runnels carved into the metal or even holes. The quality of the gear will lose 1 rank per week of infestation until it fails or breaks apart.

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