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Entry 9 - Pumpkin Spider

I had the opportunity to come across an interesting creature this morning: a Pumpkin Spider. These spiders are ambush predators that live in temperate climates and are native to the dark, overgrown gardens and abandoned farms. I encountered a small group of Pumpkin Spiders while exploring a farmer's pumpkin patch. They were well hidden among the ripe pumpkins, and I almost mistook them for part of the vegetation. It was only when one of them moved that I realized what I was looking at.

The spiders are named after their distinctive appearance, with round, orange abdomens and green legs. It is easy to mistake one for a large ripe pumpkin, especially when they sit still. They even seem to emit a smell similar to that of an over-ripe pumpkin, when they are just starting to crack open and rot in a field. I observed the spiders for some time and was amazed by their hunting tactics. They live in small groups and lay in wait near each other, waiting for their prey to come too close. When I observed a large feral hog wander into the patch, they sprung into action, attacking as a pack. It was a truly frightening and awe-inspiring sight to see them work together to bring down their prey.

I have heard that Pumpkin Spiders are not dangerous to humans, but it is still important to be cautious when exploring areas where they are known to live. I will be sure to share my findings with other adventurers and naturalists, and I hope to study these creatures in more detail in the future.

Entry 9 - Pumpkin Spider

Challenge Rank - Uncommon
Size - Average

HEA: 5
DEF: 3
SPI: 0
INI: 2
WIL: 1
PACE: 4m

Poison Bite: A d6 melee attack
~ Deals d6 damage on hit
~ Victims that take 2 points or more damage from a bite must make a Remarkable Brawn check or be Impaired. Level of impairment is 1 rank for each point you missed the check by.

Ankle Snare
~ Some pumpkin spiders set tripwire webs in the pumpkin patch. Anyone walking through a pumpkin spider’s territory will need to make an Uncommon Agility check or fall Prone. This also alerts any nearby spiders to the presence of their next meal.

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