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This spell uses magic to rapidly heal wounds, recover Health, and soothe both physical pain.  When applied to healing Health the Quantity modifier indicates the die you roll to see how much you healed.  Refer to the Quantity modifier to determine how much Spirit must be used to heal Wounds.

You can also use this spell to remove physical effects and cure poisons and diseases.  The rank of the poison or disease must be matched by the Quality rank of the spell to heal it.  Healing spells require the target to be within melee range, but the target can be of any size.  All Virtue recovery occurs in a single round, while Wounds are healed 1 per round and require the Concentration modifier to be effective.  This spell costs 2 Spirit to cast.

Wolf Nap WC.png
Basic Casting

You heal 1 creature in melee range of d4 lost Health. 


  • Casting Cost = 2 Spirit

Djup Helande

A soft light bathes one target and removes up to 2 Wounds from them over the course of 2 rounds.  No Health is recovered from this spell.

  • Mods

    • Amazing Quality

    • Concentration

  • Casting Cost = 7 Spirit

Garupa Nu Caga

This healing spell targets multiple people at once.  You heal up to 8 people, recovering d8 Health and healing 1 Wound OR removing 1 poison or disease up to a Remarkable challenge rank.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Quantity

    • Remarkable Quality

    • Amazing Targets

  • Casting Cost = 9 Spirit

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