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Entry 166 - The Drowning Castle

Entry 166 - The Drowning Castle

I recently set out on a journey to visit the Drowning Castle, one of the more magnificent and mysterious fortresses I have heard about. The tales of its architectural splendor have been circulating for years and I finally have the opportunity to see it for myself.

I traveled along the northern bank of the river, my heart racing with excitement as I finally caught sight of the single thin spire rising from the water. I could hardly believe that such a magnificent castle was hidden behind the massive waterfall. As I approached the entrance road, I marveled at the sheer size and scale of the structure. The massive walls, cascading waters, and intricate carvings all blended together to create a truly awe-inspiring sight.

I made my way to the entrance, eager to explore the castle's interior. I was greeted by a narrow, twisting staircase that spiraled up into the depths of the castle. I climbed higher and higher, my heart racing with excitement as I finally emerged into the main hall. The grand room was filled with light streaming in from the tall windows, illuminating the intricate carvings and intricate mosaics that adorned the walls. The room was filled with people, each lost in their own thoughts, marveling at the beauty of this incredible fortress.

As I wandered through the castle, I was struck by the attention to detail that went into every aspect of its construction. From the massive halls to the smallest of carvings, every aspect of the Drowning Castle was a testament to the artistry and skill of those who created it.

~ Path of Tears
The Path of Tears is the only way to reach the front gate of the Drowning Castle. It is a treacherous journey for novice visitors, characterized by its wet, slippery stones and the danger posed by the powerful waterfall that surrounds the castle. As you approach you will inevitably find your face beading with water as the mists thrown up by the falling waters. By the time you reach the front gates it comes to look like tears streaming down your cheeks.

~ The Aqueducts
The Aqueducts of the Drowning Castle are a marvel of engineering and magic. They are a series of canals and channels that carry the powerful and sparkling waters of the waterfall throughout the castle. The aqueducts are considered a masterpiece of architectural design, as they twist and turn through the castle's many rooms and halls, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing display of water and light. The aqueducts are an important source of life and sustenance for the castle's inhabitants, as the water is used for drinking, bathing, and irrigating the castle's gardens.

~ The Dry Tower
The Dry Tower is a unique and remarkable structure within the Drowning Castle. It is a thin tower that rises 50m above the rest of the castle, piercing the cascading waterfall that surrounds the rest of the fortress. The Dry Tower is a place of great learning, where the wise sorcerers of the Drowning Castle spend their days studying ancient tomes and practicing their craft. It is said to hold a wealth of knowledge and secrets, making it a place of great interest to adventurers and scholars alike.

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