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Entry 230 - The Sea of Blood

Entry 230 - The Sea of Blood

Today, I embarked on a journey across the Sea of Blood, a vast expanse of crimson red grass that stretches for hundreds of kilometers. As I set foot on this dry sea, I was struck by its mesmerizing beauty, with the deep crimson grass swaying in the wind, creating bloody waves that drift endlessly across the plain.

As I made my way across the sea, I encountered the Vashti, a race of people who sail across this dry sea on floating barges powered by ancient magic. I was amazed by their seafaring skills and their ability to navigate the treacherous terrain of the Sea of Blood, avoiding hidden rock outcroppings and patches of razorweed that could shred the hull if dragged through. Despite its beauty, the Sea of Blood is a harsh and unforgiving place, with the razorweed serving as a constant reminder of the danger that lurks beneath the “surface”. The sea is named after the red grass that covers its surface, which gives it the appearance of a sea of fresh blood.

I will continue my journey, exploring this unique and fascinating landscape and uncovering the secrets that it holds. Perhaps I will even have the opportunity to learn more about the Vashti and their ancient magic that allows them to sail across this dry sea.

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