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Entry 309 - The Silk Palace

Entry 309 - The Silk Palace

The Silk Palace is a place I will have to describe from second hand accounts and whispered rumors, for I am not fool enough to investigate it in person. The fabled home of the Spider Empress and her brood is no place for a sane and rational traveler, daring explorer or not.

From the distance, the “palace” looks like a huge collection of earthen spheres propped up and suspended by a network of earthen tunnels. There is no obvious manner in which all this dirt, rock, and refuse could be built in such a manner and stay together. At certain angles, bits of the structure seem to glisten or reflect hints of light. Once you come closer you see that the palace is held together by glistening spider silk and the glints are reflections from patches of webbing. The palace is home to a wide variety of spiders, from tiny, delicate creatures to massive, fearsome beasts. These spiders spin their webs throughout the palace, creating a living tapestry of silvery threads.

Bones and the dried remains of animals and humanoids are affixed to and jut out of the nightmare construction with alarming regularity. There are only two spheres at ground level, one at the far east of the palace, the other opposite to the west. Large webs stretch out among the corners where spheres and tunnels meet as well as between near-running tunnels. These webs all house various spiders from common varieties to giant spiders the size of bears. Many remains can be seen trussed up within the webs, even the bones of a small dragon.

For those who worship the Spider Empress, the Silk Palace is a sacred place. Human followers of the “living” goddess are allowed to live and work within its walls, tending to the needs of the spiders and participating in ceremonies and rituals in her honor.

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