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Entry 52 - Freeholm

Entry 52 - Freeholm

Today, I arrived in the kingdom of Freeholm, a land of ambition, greed and political turmoil. Despite its vast coastline, it appears to be ill-equipped to handle sea trade and fishing, with only Vytherian merchant ships able to navigate safely through the treacherous waters of the Sea of Winds. The kingdom's primary trade consists of copper, hemp, and sugarcane, which seems to be their main source of income.

I decided to venture into the heart of Freeholm and see for myself what life was like in this kingdom. I soon realized that the common people here were hardworking but often lived in poverty, with only the royal family enjoying any significant wealth and privilege. The political scandal and intrigue in this kingdom have resulted in frequent changes of the throne and constant infighting among the royal families.

Despite the challenges that the kingdom faces, I was struck by the resilience and determination of the people here. They continue to go about their daily lives, hoping for a better future. The kingdom of Freeholm may not be as powerful as other neighboring lands, but its people are determined to survive and prosper in the face of adversity. I will continue my journey tomorrow and see what else this kingdom has to offer. Who knows, perhaps my travels will bring me closer to understanding the true essence of this land and its people.

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