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Entry 84 - The Great Market of Ujamir

Entry 84 - The Great Market of Ujamir

I finally had the pleasure of visiting the Great Market, a bustling hub of commerce and trade located in the city of Ujamir. The market covers a large area of around 1 square kilometer and is known for its vast selection of goods and services, making it the ultimate destination for shopping and trading in the land of the Endless Sands.

As I made my way through the market, I was struck by its lively atmosphere and the diversity of offerings. From exotic spices and rare herbs, to intricate jewelry and beautiful fabrics, the Great Market of Ujamir has something for everyone. I also noticed that despite the threat of petty theft, the market was well-protected by a large merchant's guard and periodically patrolled by the Ujamir city watch. Despite the protection offered by the guard, other types of crimes such as personal or political are left to the city watch to handle.

The market is situated near the Snake River and attracts visitors who arrive via the river docks and ferries, providing a convenient and accessible location for traders and shoppers alike. I spent the day wandering through the market, admiring the wares and haggling with vendors for the best prices. The energy and excitement of the Great Market of Ujamir is truly unmatched, making it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the land of the Endless Sands. I look forward to returning to the Great Market of Ujamir in the future and discovering even more of its wonders and treasures.

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