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Using this spell causes the next spell you cast to become “frozen” and not complete until a trigger you chose causes it to activate.  This trigger can be just about anything, as simple or specific as you like, so long as the Narrator agrees it is clear and defined well enough to use as a trigger.  This spell costs 1 Spirit to cast.

To use this spell you first cast the ward spell by tracing your sigil onto the ground, a wall, or any suitable object you want the spell to be focused around.  You must spend Spirit on the Quality modifier to determine the amount of Spirit Cost the ward can hold.  The Quantity modifier is used to hold more than 1 spell within the ward.  If you choose to embed multiple spells into one ward, the total Spirit used across all embedded spells is what you count against the Quality modifier.  Wards holding multiple spells still only have a single trigger event, and all spells are cast simultaneously when the trigger is activated.

Whatever spell you embed, when it is triggered it is considered to be cast from wherever you placed your sigil.  Any ranges taken into account in the triggered spell will be measured from this point.

Basic Casting

You create a simple 1 spell ward that holds up to a 2 Spirit spell.  It lasts for 1 hour or until triggered.  The range of its trigger is melee range.

  • Casting Cost = 1 Spirit

Due to the nature of the ward spell there are no other spells beyond the basic casting.  You simply increase any of the modifiers to greater larger and more complex wards.

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