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Where You Write Your Own Destiny!

Inkforged is the exciting new fantasy role-playing game from Adventure Calls Entertainment.  Adventure in the realm of The Story where almost anything can happen!  Start your new life as an Ikon. Defeat Misprints, protect The Story, and overcome your own personal demons.


The Story is alive.  It is an evolving, flowing, living, breathing universe.  No one knows when The Story was written, but it WAS written.  It started as a collection of short stories by The Author, but it grew as the Author continued to add to it.  Before even they understood what had happened (or maybe they did, the truth is beyond us), the world the Author created began to outstrip the words put to paper.  An entire new reality was born from this combination of imagination and sheer emotional conviction.


History of The Book

What exactly is The Story?


Overcoming Challenges

Descriptions of Inkforged's gameplay mechanics.


The Corruption

The reason the Realm desperately needs you help!


Plot Hooks

Look no further for example quests and story elements.


Joining The Story

Creating your Ikon and entering The Story.


Engaging in Combat

Enough TALK!


The Realm

What kind of world exists within The Story?


Art Gallery

View all of Inkforged's fantasy art in one place!


Writing Your Destiny

Character growth and goals.


Ink Magic

Learn to create your own custom spells on the fly!


Ashton's Journal

Ashton the adventurer has quite a bit to share about his travels.


File Depot

Character sheets and other files for download.

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