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Directly affect a target’s mind and emotions in order to increase the influence of your words and actions.  The magic affects a chosen emotion or mental state in order to make them feel a certain way, become receptive to your influence, or even act upon your command.  This spell costs 2 Spirit to cast.

Note that because the spell directly targets the mind of a target, the size of the target is irrelevant (unless otherwise determined by the Narrator).  The Quality modifier is used to determine the level of influence your spell has on a given target.  Lower level influence cannot change any entrenched beliefs or pre-existing strong emotions.  It requires higher amounts of influence to get a target to act in a completely uncharacteristic manner or against their own interests.  Only Total Loyalty is strong enough to make a target attempt to harm themselves or others they care about.

Basic Casting

You can whisper one comment or suggestion into the ear of a target and they are compelled to believe you to the point they act upon it.  This will not change any entrenched beliefs or cause them to act against their own interests or in a completely uncharacteristic manner.

  • Casting Cost = 2 Spirit

Neubližuj Mi

For 1 minute you appear to a target within melee range as someone they care deeply about.  Target cannot attack you while bewitched.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Quality

    • Uncommon Duration

  • Casting Cost = 5 Spirit

Gahara Dar

You embody one enemy’s greatest fears for 10 minutes.  They must be within 10m for the spell to first take effect.  The target is barely capable of looking at you and is unable to rationally interact with you.  They will cower before you and are considered Heroically Impaired (-8) if they try to attack you or use a skill while you are in sight of them.  A significant failure to resist may cause the target to flee or drop to the ground Immobilized.

  • Mods

    • Heroic Quality

    • Remarkable Duration

    • Uncommon Range

  • Casting Cost = 9 Spirit

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