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At its core the Boost spell is meant to increase the inherent strength or power of a pre-existing thing.  When you cast this spell you surge raw power directly into a target person or object in order to temporarily increase Traits, Boons, and Abilities.

The number of Traits or Virtues affects is determined using the Scale modifier.  When figuring out how a Trait changes, you can use the Intensity modifier to increase the bonus or increase the rank of the Trait, but not both.


You can also use this spell to transfer your Spirit points directly into another Scrivener in order to restore their spent Spirit.  This costs you 1 Spirit to start the transfer +1 per Spirit you transfer over. 

This spell costs 1 Spirit to cast.

Basic Casting

You gain a +1 bonus to 1 of your Traits for 1 round. 


  • Casting Cost = 1 Spirit

Kalapu Keiki Nui

You increase the Brawn of up to 5 targets within melee range by 2 ranks for 1 minute.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Intensity

    • Uncommon Duration

    • Remarkable Targets

  • Casting Cost = 8 Spirit

Numpak Kaya Angin

You boost the Agility and Health of a horse sized mount by 2 ranks for 1 hour.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Scale (x2, once for size and once for number of traits)

    • Remarkable Intensity

    • Remarkable Duration

  • Casting Cost = 13 Spirit

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