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This spell allows you to manipulate a volume of earth, sand, stone, or crystal.  You can move or shape this earth, even attack or defend with it.  Earthen objects or structures created by the spell are permanent, unless they are animated or temporarily held together (such as a bridge of sand), in which case they will fall apart or become inert when the spell ends. 

When using earth to create objects or structures, refer to the rank of the Intensity modifier to determine the material strength rank of the creation.  This is also used when using a spell to defend against an incoming attack.  Trying to reshape or animate harder materials such as rock, crystal, or metal requires additional Spirit (defined by that material’s Rank) in order to manipulate.

This spell costs 2 Spirit to cast.

Basic Casting

You reshape an amount of dirt, dust, or sand up to the size of a dog.  This can be used to create a small object, form a hole, or move the earthen material up to 1m.

  • Casting Cost = 2 Spirit


A sudden upthrust of earth and rock underneath one human-sized target within 10m sends them sailing through the air.  If they fail an Agility check they will take d8 damage and are Downed.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Force

    • Average Range

    • Uncommon Scale

  • Casting Cost = 11 Spirit

Phao Dai Da

You reach deep into the earth with your magic and pull forth four great stone walls, creating a walled fort of stone large enough to contain a dinosaur.  The walls are of Remarkable strength and durability.  In the center of the box is a domed room of thin stone with a single entry portal. 


  • Mods

    • Remarkable Intensity

    • Average Range

    • Heroic Scale

  • Casting Cost = 15 Spirit

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