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This spell allows you to temporarily imbue inkforged powers into mundane objects.   This is done by marking the object with your sigil and dripping Author’s Ink into it, 1 drop per Spirit spent on the duration of the spell.  Then you cast the Enchant spell, immediately followed by any spells you are embedding into the Inkforged item.  You cannot spend a round to recover Spirit in between castings.  The size of the item you can enchant depends on the Scale modifier, which follows a different scale than other spells.

You can also temporarily enchant a weapon or armor with greater strength and power using the Intensity modifier.  These bonuses can be applied to Attack (for weapons), Defense (weapons and armor), or Damage Reduction (for armor).  If an item is already Inkforged or natively magical, the process will fail.

This is also the key spell needed to create permanent Inkforged items.  The Quantity modifier determines how many spells can be embedded.  Read Inkforging later in this book to see what powers can be temporarily created. 

This spell costs 2 Spirit to cast.

Basic Casting

For one round a weapon you are holding is considered Inkforged and capable of permanently damaging Misprints. 

  • Casting Cost = 2 Spirit


Enchants a normal sword into a +1 Inkforged Sword for 1 minute.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Scale

    • Average Duration

    • Average Intensity

  • Casting Cost = 5 Spirit and 5 drops of Author’s Ink

Sekat Sihir

You manipulate the energy of the Author’s Ink and suppress the powers of one Inkforged item of Remarkable power up to the size of a Battle Axe.  The target must be within 10m and If the item fails a Resist check it is depowered and considered non-magical for 1 hour.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Duration

    • Average Range

    • Remarkable Scale

    • Remarkable Intensity

  • Casting Cost = 16 Spirit

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