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You can use this spell to communicate with, summon, or command wild and domesticated animals.  This communication can be verbal, through gestures, or even through chemical odors.  Any attempt to force your will on a wild animal affords the creature a Resist check to fight the spell.

Summoning works by calling out to nearby creatures capable of answering the summons.  They are not teleported to your location like with the Conjure spell.  Summoned creatures are not automatically under your control, but they will be of friendly or neutral temperament when they arrive.

This spell costs 1 Spirit to cast.

Basic Casting

You can communicate with a cat sized or smaller animal during this round.

  • Casting Cost = 1 Spirit

Panggil Gunung

You summon a horse-sized animal within 100m to come to you.  So long as no one makes any aggressive moves toward the animal it will move toward you until it is within melee range.  After that it’s up to you.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Range

    • Remarkable Scale

  • Casting Cost = 11 Spirit

Kumpol ng Daga

This spell calls out to all the small rodents and vermin within 1km of you and causes them to amass and attack up to 4 human sized or 1 horse sized target per round so long as you concentrate.  The moment you drop concentration they will disperse.

  • Mods

    • Concentration

    • Remarkable Scale

    • Amazing Range

  • Casting Cost = 13 Spirit

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