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Use this spell to generate a magic force that can push, pull, move, and hold objects or creatures.  When using this force to move, push, or break something it is considered to start with Average Brawn and Agility each of which can be increased separately using the Quality modifier.  When used to hold an opponent the Quality modifier defines the Condition that is applied to the target.

You can use this spell as a substitute for any physical action you could take; such as opening a door, lifting an object, using a tool, etc.  If you use this force to perform a Skill check, you use the typically expected Trait die and your Magic die.  When used as an attack spell it works just like other elemental spell attacks, but deals a physical attack.  This spell costs 2 Spirit to cast.

Protection Spell.png
Basic Casting

Push, pull, or hold an object within melee range with Average Brawn for the equivalent of 1 action.

  • Casting Cost = 2 Spirit

Bixbie’s Hand Crushing Spell

You cause up to 2 target hands within 10m of you to be crushed and unusable if their owners fail a Remarkable Brawn check.  If they succeed the Brawn check they still must also make a Remarkable Will check or drop whatever that hand was holding.  Failing the check results in 1d4 damage and a crushed hand, which cannot hold any object until it is healed (treat as healing 1 Wound). 

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Quality

    • Uncommon Targets

    • Uncommon Range

  • Casting Cost = 6 Spirit

Ficar Parado

This spell creates an invisible force around up to 4 human sized enemies, no more than 20m away.  This force holds them in place, preventing them from moving, applying the Grappled condition for as long as you maintain concentration.  Held enemies are allowed to attempt a Remarkable Brawn check at the beginning of each round, as a small action, to break free of the spell.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Quality

    • Concentration

    • Remarkable Targets

    • Remarkable Range

    • Uncommon Size

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