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Creates or manipulates a source of purely magical light or color.  Being a magical light, it doesn’t necessarily always follow the rules and properties of normal light.  For example, even though you can increase the area of illumination using the Intensity modifier, you can decide whether or not this makes the light brighter.  Also, when creating a ray or beam of light, you can use the Range modifier to determine distance of illumination for that beam.  Light must be very strong to inflict damage, such as burning, so the Force modifier is weaker than that of other elemental spells.

If used in an attempt to blind an opponent, the target must make a Resist check or be affected for 1 round per point of failure.  The target will be Impaired based on the amount of Spirit spent on the Intensity modifier.


This spell costs 1 Spirit to cast.

Basic Casting

You create a small white light that illuminates a 1m radius for 1 round.

  • Casting Cost = 1 Spirit

Meosjin Chajgo!

Change all the colors of your clothes and hair to whatever combination you desire for 1 day.  This spell could be used to change the color of an outfit to match different occasions or to blend in with different environments.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Scale

    • Remarkable Duration

  • Casting Cost = 9 Spirit

Stora Eldflugor

This spell summons a large number of large colored wisps of light, which float and flow about, filling an area of 100m radius around the caster for 1 hour.  This spell could be used to create a magical and mesmerizing effect, to light up a dark area, or to provide a diversion in some cases.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Duration

    • Average Scale

    • Amazing Intensity

  • Casting Cost = 13 Spirit

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