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A more subtle form of power, similar to the Force spell, the Open spell uses magical forces to open locks, unbar doors, unravel knots, and free up rusted and jammed mechanisms.  In order to be successful, you must put as much Spirit into the Quality modifier as the challenge rank of picking the lock, breaking the door, or undoing the knot.  The size modifier is referred to based on the size of the door or mechanism required to allow the described creature to pass through.  So to Open a door big enough for an elephant to pass through it, you must put 3 Spirit into the Size modifier.  This spell costs 1 Spirit to cast.

Narrators may decide that magical or enchanted doors and locks may get a Resist check against the spell effects.

Open By Force.png
Basic Casting

You cause a single padlock or door lock to become unlocked.

  • Casting Cost = 1 Spirit

Incastrato Stretto

By freezing the force energy inside the mechanism, one lock will be completely jammed and unopenable for 1 hour.  This spell could be used to prevent someone from entering a room or building, or to trap someone inside.

  • Mods

    • Flipping

    • Amazing Duration

  • Casting Cost = 5 Spirit


Using this spell forces a very large door or gate within 10m to violently blow open, possibly causing damage to the gate or surrounding area and potentially injuring anyone in close proximity.

  • Mods

    • Amazing Quality

    • Uncommon Range

    • Amazing Size

  • Casting Cost = 8 Spirit

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