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You can use transformation magic to modify a target creature or part of a creature.  You must make a successful Scrivening check to correctly shapeshift the target.   All transformations take 1 round to complete and unwilling targets get to make a Resist check to avoid it.

If you want to change the size of a target then you must first modify the spell to work on a target of that size.  Then you add +2 Spirit for each rank of difference in size between it and what you want it to be.  This can be done by itself, or as part of transforming the target into a different creature.

Partial shapeshifting allows you to either change a limb, organ, or feature (such as growing tiger claws) or grow new features on the target (such as adding a tail or wings). To add new features you must use the Quantity modifier for the number of new additions (note that paired features such as wings count as 2 features).

Note that transformed creatures do not gain all the traits and abilities of their new form unless you put Spirit into the Quality modifier to include such aspects.  The amount you spend determines the number of traits and abilities you give to the transformed target.  This is provided that you are familiar enough with the new form to transform everything correctly.  This spell costs 4 Spirit to cast when shapeshifting the entire target, 2 Spirit when adding new limbs or features, and 1 Spirit for partial transformations.

Basic Casting

You transform one cat sized or smaller creature in melee range into another kind for 1 round.

  • Casting Cost = 3 Spirit

Mus Breyting

A spell that allows the caster to transform a human sized target up to 10m away into a mouse for 1 minute. The target will first begin to shrink and then become fully transformed into a mouse, with all the physical and mental characteristics and abilities of one.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Range

    • Uncommon Size

    • 1 rank size difference

  • Casting Cost = 7 Spirit

Allonger Bras

Allows you to elongate and thin one or both of your arms, or even add another joint to them for 10 minutes.  The spell can be used to reach things that are out of normal arm's reach, such as slipping under a door to unlock it from inside.   This spell increases the Agility of the arm, but weakens its Brawn.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Quantity

    • Uncommon Quality

    • Uncommon Duration

    • Uncommon Size

  • Casting Cost = 7 Spirit

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