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You can use transformation magic to change a target object into another object.  You must make a successful Scrivening check to correctly transform the target.   Magical or inkforged targets get to make a Resist check to prevent the transformation.

If you want to change the size of a target then you must first modify the spell to work on a target of that size.  Then you add +2 Spirit for each rank of difference in size between it and what you want it to be.  This can be done by itself, or as part of transforming the target.  This is also how changing the Quality of an object works.  You can modify the workmanship or material strength of an object by paying the difference measured by the Quality mod.

Note that transformed objects do not gain all the mechanical or magical traits of their new form unless you put Spirit into the Quality modifier to include such aspects.  The amount you spend determines the number of mechanisms and traits you give to the transformed target.  This is provided that you are familiar enough with the new form to transform everything correctly.  This spell costs 3 Spirit to cast.

Feather Sword.png
Basic Casting

You transform one dog sized or smaller creature or object in melee range into another kind for 1 round.

  • Casting Cost = 3 Spirit

Hamala Bachaav

For 10 minutes you can transform your shield into a sword and back again when you desire.  Switching between forms is a Small Action.

  • Mods

    • Uncommon Duration

    • Uncommon Size

  • Casting Cost = 5 Spirit

Turu Hou

You transform one object in melee range, up to the size of a suit of armor, into a comfortable chair for 1 hour.  The object will instantly reshape and transform into a functional chair, suitable for a human sized creature to sit on.

  • Mods

    • Remarkable Duration

    • Remarkable Size

  • Casting Cost = 7 Spirit

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